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Book Review! "After the Apocalypse: The Kim & Kaya Chronicles" - A Good Start...

by Scott Kimak Released: January 25, 2022 Page Count: 64 Finished: April 12, 2022 Read on Kindle App 4 out of 5 A Good Start for this Post-Apocalyptic World For a short story at only 64 pages this book has a lot going on! When I picked this up, I thought it was the start of it's own series. Now, I see that it is a prequel for the, "I call him HIM!" series. That certainly changed the context of this book for me. (This was 100% on me as it is literally written in the title of the Amazon listing!) I have not read any of the, "I call him HIM!" series yet but this book has got me intrigued! I will be starting the first book in that series next. I am wondering if it is better to read the stories in publish order to get a better picture of where things are going. My only concern is that it almost feels too short. The pace is fast but I would have liked more details around how the characters got in the situation they're in. Overall, I liked this book and look forward to continuing the story. Have you read this book? Let me know what you think!

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