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Advanced Book Review! "District Five" by Elliott Wink - This Sci-fi Universe Just Got a Lot Bigger!

Released: June 7, 2022 Page Count: 173 Finished: June 7, 2022 Read on BookFunnel App 5 out of 5 Stars

Elliott Wink is back with the second book in the Far Light Series, the sequel to “After Io” called “District Five”! This new chapter take us from the relatively contained sci-fi thriller story on the Persika in the first book, to the vast future universe that Wink has so deftly created in the second book. I think this expansion demonstrates how Wink is growing as an author. On this journey we meet Nadia Green, a detective on Petrox Station, as she investigates a missing person related to the Persika incident. As she pulls at threads, jumping literally through space from station to station, things start to unravel and we begin to see just how large of an impact the events of the first story have had on this future world. If you liked "After Io" I think you will love "District Five"! It has all of the great concepts of the first story (wonderful world building, captivating characters, a thought-provoking plot...) and has increased the scale and consequences by 1,000! The non-linear timeline makes it feel like you are fitting puzzle pieces together to finally see the big picture. You will never want to put this book down as you are always longing to find out where the next piece will fit! As with the first book, there is absolutely no filler text in this story. Once you start, you will not want to stop reading until the end. And then, at the end you will just want to read more... I can tell from the exciting conclusion of this book that there is much more to look forward to in this not-so-distant future world! I can't wait until the next chapter in the Far Light Series comes out! I 100% recommend that you read this series! If you are into gritty sci-fi, mystery, thrillers, you won't be disappointed!

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I received an advanced copy of this book for free, and I am leaving this honest review voluntarily.

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