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Advanced Book Review! "After Io" by Elliott Wink - Great, Gritty, Sci-Fi Space Thriller!

Released: January 31, 2022

Page Count: 130

Finished: January 25, 2022

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5 out of 5 Stars

I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of "After Io" and from the very first line of the book I was hooked! I really enjoyed the world building that Elliot Wink has done with the voyage to Io and the spaceship Persika. I felt like I was a member of the crew onboard the ship dealing with all of the events that take place with Bryn, Amai and the other crew members. The mission starts off with great promise but things quickly take dark a turn. This kicks off a series of unfortunate events that leaves you wondering what will happen next. Bryn, the pilot of the Persika, is forced to make some tough decisions with extremely dire consequences... but how will things turn out in the end? You will just have to strap yourself into the cockpit and hold on tight to find out! This story is one wild ride that will leave you wanting more! ...Aaand the best part is that we will eventually get more as this is the first book in "The Far Light Series"! So, if you are looking for a fast-paced, Sci-Fi thriller, "After Io" may be just the book for you! Have you read this novel? Let me know what you think!

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